Job and Career Fairs in Czech Republic

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Are you looking for a job in Czech Republic? Look for it at job and career fairs!

The most popular job and career fair in Czech Republic is JOBS EXPO, which is held every year on the Prague Exhibition Grounds. For persons interested in finding a suitable job in Czech Republic this is a unique chance to meet high amount of employers. The job fair offers high-skilled professionals to examine the situation on the Czech labour market and to apply for a job in Czech Republic, meeting a potencial employer face-to-face.  

Though a job and career fair is just a little part of your job search process, but it is an essential part, as it increases your chances to obtain a second interview in the company.

What is your steps on the way of preparation to a job fair in Czech Republic? First, you should find the next job fair in Czech Republic and pre-register for it, that usually means submitting a resume. So employer will have a chance to prescreen applicants and select among them with whom they wish to meet at the fair.

The second, obtain the list of the exhibitors, choose which you are really interested in and find on the web as much as possible information about them. So you will be prepared for the meeting. 

The third, bring lots of your resume to the fair. If you have multiple interests or job objectives, make sure you bring enough of each version of your resume. Don't forget to bring scannable versions of your resumes.

The fourth, bring your portfolio, which includes copies of your resume, list of references, samples of your best works. It doesn't apply to creative specialists, as graphic artists, journalists, teachers, but nowadays to all types of job-seekers. Why your portfolio is so important? Because from the very first moment it will allow employers to form an impression of you, guiding your experience, education, accomplishments and your skills. 

The fifth, on arriving to the career fair in Czech Republic, and surveying the layout of the fair, determine an order of interviewing, in other words develop your action plan. At first meet with your top choices in the morning, with your other choices in the middle of the day, and don't forget to return to your top choices at the end of the day to thank them for their time.

The chief advantage of the career and job fairs is that you can build networks. Networking is the most essential part of job search in Czech Republic. Remember that the vast majority of job openings is never advertised, so you need to create a network of important contacts for your future career.

Of course, you should concentrate on building a network with the recruiters, but it's important to network with your fellow job-seekers. What benefits can it bring you? Sharing information about job leads, companies, their recruiting strategies and styles will suggest you direction you need to take for your success. At the fair you can meet professional organizations or employment agencies, which are also good sources for networking.


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